About us

Roasted Soybean Benefits

In 30 years, we’ve grown from a single-room startup to a state-of-the-art technological production unit, becoming a quality/consumer-trusted-led market force to be reckoned with.

We have gained the trust of our customers, launched new product lines, added channel partners, opened storefronts, and entered new markets. One thing hasn’t changed, though: our commitment to providing consumers with the most authentic tastes of India through our high-quality products.

We introduce about us as a maker of S.S. roasted snacks founded in 1993. We presented new items after a decade of tremendous growth. We have been constantly growing and exploring new boundaries, eventually becoming the leading roasted snacks company in India’s heartland. We expanded into snacks and sweets, which has elevated the organisation to a new level. Very soon, you will find us in additional food categories where research is being conducted.

We have been able to meet the ever-increasing needs for Namkeen, Snacks, and Sweets thanks to the combination of the promoter’s vision and the skill of a highly qualified team of specialists. S.S. Enterprise has made a position for itself in the industry as an efficient and leading entity.

All of our goods are consistently high in quality and simplicity. The ingredients and recipes are carefully chosen to emphasise these basics and are followed every day.

We have a huge selection of Roasted Chana, Roasted Peanuts, and Roasted Soybeans. The products on offer are prepared in the most sanitary conditions. The high quality, exact composition, hygienic packaging, tangy taste, and long shelf life of the offered items are well regarded. Apart from that, we are providing these Namkeens and snacks within the time frame specified.

S.S. enterprise items have a presence across India thanks to an internet presence, and we are the current heartland of India thanks to modern trade as well.

We have an established “on-the-street presence” through the traditional distribution network.

We are committed to growing our channel partners and retail fraternity, and we take pride in offering exceptional services to each pillar of our Channel Network in the States. It is about us to be present in all states.

We maintain the feel of a true family business by cultivating a strong sense of community and supporting our partners. We will take these ideals with us as we work together to serve generations of joyful people all across the world and remain committed to becoming the consumer’s preferred snack food brand.

We were only able to make it SIMPLE and ACCESSIBLE. If you’re reading this “Till” here, we believe we’ve taken the initial step to reach out to you and pique your interest enough to learn more about us.

We don’t want you to get bored. We do not yet have a LARGE and LONG history that we can offer using a timeline. We are YOUNG in our journey and have far too much to do to assist everyone, even “you.” Every day, we strive to do so.

Come together with us on our journey by loving us, talking about us, and believing in us.


To supply the highest quality, hygienic, and reasonably priced food items to our customers worldwide, in order to meet their ever-changing demands and establish consumer loyalty.


1. Aim to be the leading brand and snack company.
2. To use cutting-edge technology, research, and development.
3. Expand the ‘S.S Enterprise’ brand into international domains.
4. Maintain growth momentum by meeting stakeholder expectations.
5. Use high-value products and services to attract and retain customers.


1. Expanding into new markets and territory.
2. Establishing new industrial plants around India.
3. The introduction of new brands in a variety of industries.
4. Expansion and foray into new areas of industry.
5. Expand international market footprints.
6. Holding an IPO to boost the company’s credibility and raise finances for a brighter future with additional chances.